Secure DVD to USB

There are many ways to Deliver Your Videos Today.

The Number 1 concern for customers is convenience and efficiency

Todays Technology is going away from DVD

Most Laptops no longer offer a DVD player and Since 2012 MAC has not made a Laptop with a DVD player

Customers are looking for alternatives to having to Drag around large volumes of DVDs and video streaming is slow and doesn’t reach every Customer

Well now you have another option


RLX offers the ONLY service to convert your DVDs to USB and to make them play just like a DVD, with all of the menus and functionality still available right on the USB stick. (an example below)


…NOT only can you put 1 DVD on a USB but you can put an entire collection of 20, 30 , 50, or more all on 1 USB drive.

With our Patented Technology we use a proprietary file format that allows us to convert the DVD to make it play in our USB player. 100% Copy Protected

All the customer does is Plug-and-play..Its that simple

Imagine the cost savings in packaging and shipping alone.

For more information please contact me via email or phone

Clint Horsley / RLX Media Streaming 910-538-5393