RLX vs. Traditional Media

Many companies in the market today are offering both download and streaming services. It’s important for you, the content owner, to know what is really being offered.

Comparison Between the RLX Player and other Media Delivery Formats

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It’s important to know what you are being sold as well as the risk and user experience you and your customer are being exposed to.

Many companies represent their services as a “video downloading service”, only for you to find out they are actually streaming. This means your customer always has to have a wireless or wifi connection to watch your content.

If a customer is streaming using wireless connections, they are spending big $$$$ on data and are limited by wireless availability at their current location. If a customer is using their wifi at home or in the office, it may be free, but they are handcuffed by limited bandwidth divided by volume of usage in and around their location. While this may be acceptable with short video clips by advertisers and promotional content providers, the entertainment value of longer content goes out the window when the buffering wheel lights up their screen or they lose their connection.

On the other hand, if a company offers a true download service there is no content protection. Most providers will deliver content via MPEG4 files. Once downloaded, your customer has your valuable content in the form of a master and can do with it as they please. With very little effort, your content can be emailed, transferred or even uploaded to the Internet for all to view for FREE!


Not Any More!


RLX Media’s new streaming downloads service is a way for content owners to offer their valuable DVD/media content to customers digitally, in a true SECURE download, with no risk of the customer stealing or sharing your content. Our app ensures an easy-to-use, secure, and functional customer experience.

This technology allows customers to watch their content on any IOS or Android device and any PC or Mac computer with no need for a Wi-Fi connection.

Here are some of the features our service offers:

Your content is sold from your website

Many of the companies offering video download and streaming services, such as iTunes and others, require your customer to leave your website and be transferred to another location. Not with us. Your customer stays at your store throughout the entire purchase process.

Your content is playable exclusively on the “FREE” RLX Media Player APP available at Google Play, The Apple APP store, or downloaded with the purchase at your store, on your website. Once again keeping your customer at your site throughout the entire experience.

The media content is only playable on our player and is therefore, copy protected.

In order to view their media content; the customer simply downloads our free RLX Media Streaming app to their viewing device from the website or the app store one time. Opening the app the first time prompts them to create an account and sign in. (Same user experience as iTunes.) After the one time registration, customers can watch their purchased media wherever and whenever they want. On a plane, in a car, or on the highest mountaintop in the most remote part of the world, never lose the ability to watch your content.

It is so easy!

Just click to open the RLX Player, all of the content that they have purchased is right there at their fingertips. Once downloaded to a device, there is no longer a need for a Wi-Fi connection. The headaches of buffering wheels and lost connections are gone and slow streaming media is eliminated.

Our streaming technology is functional and easy to use.

Your content plays with all the functionality of a DVD: Fast foreword, rewind, chapter breaks, etc. It works the same on all compatible devices.

Content owners can continue to use their DVD titles as originally authored, eliminating the need to change the format.

Our conversion software eliminates any costs that might be incurred in re-editing masters or replacing DVDs. It also allows the end-user to have the same user experience they have grown accustomed to over many years. This is a unique feature of the RLX Player.

Marketing opportunities.

As the content owner, you have access to the name, email address, home address, and age of every person who buys your content.

What is a qualified customer’s name worth?

This is not just a name, this is a person who has an affinity to your product and went to your store to purchase a download. Our current customers are seeing up to a 58% return purchase rate from a customer who buys a video download in the RLX Format.

Our streaming downloads service is directly connected to Social Media.

All your buyers become potential sellers. After viewing a show, our player searches the customer’s device and delivers a pop-up message giving the customer the ability to share/promote the content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Gmail, or Pinterest. Once shared on social media, anyone who clicks the link is taken directly to your store to the checkout page for that exact product. On that page, they can purchase that content and see other content available for purchasing.

The retail doors to DVD/media revenue once closed are now reopened!

It’s becoming increasingly more difficult for content owners to monetize their valuable video content using brick and mortar or even the internet. Our player puts you, the content owner back in the driver seat.

Some other features of this player are;

– automatic video email surveys

– discount coupons

– rental options

– dated expiration of a video

– automated email marketing

– and much more

We look forward to the opportunity to show you how partnering with RLX Media Streaming can put you on the cutting edge of the video download business.

I look forward to talking with you! Please contact me at:

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